Healthy Protein Foods

Protein to the Rescue

Healthy protein foods can be made quite delicious by eating salmon, three times a week. Eating wild caught salmon for lunch or dinner -4 ounces at a time is great for many reasons. Salmon and some fatty fish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids DHA, which eliminate inflammation in the body as well as the brain. Some other choice of fatty fish is mackerel, tuna, and sardines olive oil packed in a can.

These healthy protein foods help promote the growth of new cells and help on the improvement of blood flow to the cochlea. The cochlea is a fluid filled spiral shaped part of the inner ear that enables you to hear. This blood flow keeps the inner ear in great shape so we can hear.

The omega-3’s also found in salmon, tuna and mackerel help protect the cells in the eyes from the effects of aging. These sea foods are nutrient dense. They offer ample amounts of vitamins and minerals without high levels of saturated fats, (bad fats) with proteins found being complete and great for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Seafood Soothes the Protein Soul

Seafood-fish are healthy proteins foods sold fresh, frozen, and canned. The more lean protein we choose, be it from lean turkey or chicken, or fatty fish salmon, mackerel, and tuna and even our can olive oil packed sardines are choices that are excellent ways to become heart healthy.

Eating protein daily can and does produce a fine tuned metabolism; this directly contributes to less belly fat for your waist. The omega 3’s found in fish help lower the levels of hormones of cortisol, and at the same time stimulate increase metabolism in the body.

Tuna of the Sea

By eating tuna frequently for your meals, it helps your health in and all over way. In clinical studies researchers found that people who ate tuna on a regular basis were 30% less likely to develop red gum’s (gingivitis). And are also 20% less likely to develop periodontal disease of the gum’s with tooth loss. Just eating 12-16 ounces during the week of fatty fish helps strengthen gum tissue.

Eating fish is a healthy option for vibrant health
Fatty fish helps reduce inflammation in the body as well as brain
Protein foods help promote growth of new cells and improve blood flow
Healthy protein foods are nutrient dense, some excellent choices are salmon, mackerel, tuna, and olive oil packed sardines
Shellfish seafood helps the healing time for cold and flu’s
Shellfish- Crabs –Oysters- and Shrimp

One way to keep from a nutrient shortfall would be adding 8 ounces of shrimp, crab, or oysters to your weekly menus. Just by eating shellfish you can greatly increase healing time. A struggling cold or pesky flu symptoms can be deterred by adding, a serving of shellfish which produces 55mcg of selenium and 28 mg of zinc. Serving size just 6 ounces of these two healing minerals help stave off colds and flu’s.